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FFDC is the District's womyn-only collective of local womyn creatives & entrepreneurs. Our goal is to foster and sustain our local community of womyn who support one another's creative & business endeavors. We build meaningful friendships & business relationships, and appreciate one another's gifts. Our Spring Pop Up is underway, so stay tuned!!!


  • Why the name "femme fatale"? 

  • Is FFDC a group of "femmes" exclusively?

  • Why do you spell "woman/women" with a "y" instead? 

Femme fatale was a term coined in the twentieth century, following a long history of this archetype illustrated and represented in art, literature (Eve, Joan of Arc, Medusa, Sirens...), and eventually film. During and after WWII, as womyn in the US were moving into new roles in society, some pursuing careers of their own, the femme fatale character in film noir reflected the fearful cultural climate of the death of the traditional nuclear family, and most importantly, the traditional role of the housewife in American society. A femme fatale combined two contrasting, simplified ideas of womyn, promulgated by men, into one character: a womyn who was gorgeous, sexy and independent, but also a wicked, controlling monster. These femme fatale characters were portrayed as animalistic, desperate beings with little control over their own emotions and passions.

Our goal is to reclaim femme fatale as our own title of empowerment; a femme fatale is a womyn who exudes confident, independence, and is following their truth in life. They know that no one else is needed to complete them, because they are already whole. A femme fatale gives herself the utmost love and respect, and thus emanates that to the world, and receives those gifts back. She is conscious, aware, and dedicated to supporting her community by first finding and being her true self. If that intimidates or scares men, well, so be it, but it's not her concern to walk on egg shells for someone else to be comfortable.

FFDC is not a femme organization. Femme means "womyn" in French; femme fatale means "fatal womyn." Although femme womyn are welcome, all womyn are welcome to participate in our events - it is important to us to have a monthly event for us to network, get to know one another, and enjoy each other's company in a womyn only space. Anyone who identifies as a womyn, including transgender womyn, are welcome. Of course all are welcome to experience our pop up store and most of the events are open to all to participate in. Men are welcome to come support womyn in their community and learn more about the Divine Feminine! We make it clear what type of event is being hosted at our space so you know what to expect. We appreciate your respect of our sacred space.

We spell womyn with a "y" because it is a small reminder that every womyn is completely whole on their own, and we decide our own path in life no matter what our male driven society has to say about it. We know our truth. No romantic relationship, man or whoever, is ever needed to feel infinite love and gratitude. All the love an individual needs exists within themselves. 

History of FFDC 

  • Local Designers Runway Party, Buckeye & Bear, Oct 2016
  • Pedicure and Brunch Party, Revo Nails U St, Oct 2016
  • Photoshoot and Kickback, Union Market, Nov 2016
  • Winter Wonderland Party, Big Chief, Dec 2016
  • Bruja Brunch Party, Vendetta, Dec 2016
  • Cocktails & Soul Sistas, Jos A Magnus Distillery, Jan 2017
  • Womyn's March After Party, Rosebar, Jan 2017
  • Current Boutique Best of DC Launch, Jan 2017
  • Manicure and Brunch Party, Revo Nails U St, Feb 2017
  • The Black Goddess Tribute with CHACC, CHACC, Feb 2017
  • #NASTYWOMYN Comedy Show & Open Mic, Vendetta, March 2017
  • Bruja Brunch Party: Divine Feminina, The Howard Theatre, March 2017
  • FFDC Pop Up Experience #1, H St Corridor, May - July 2017
  • Magical Goddess Winter Oasis, NoMa, October - December 24, 2017
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