FFDC is honored to present the following images by over thirty incredible womyn photographers, also including FFDC’s winter 2017 Metro ad campaign.

Photographers were provided six moodboards that explored different identities and themes surrounding the femme fatale mystique, and were tasked with creating their own images based on these concepts. The moodboards included themes of Green, Light, Life, Kween, Nun, and Sum...

We are reclaiming what femme fatale means for us, and as we continue to embark on this self exploration, we encourage you to reflect on these themes as you peruse the following images...may we all continue to support authentic creative expression and advance equality on all fronts.
— FF Photobook '17

Femme Fatale Photobook 2017 Grand Prize Winner:

Anahli Jazhmin Vazquez-Galvan

Las Adelitas: The Valiant Women of the Mexican Revolution
Currently on display at Columbia Heights Metro Station thru December 2017. Graphic design by Machee Creates.

Currently on display at Columbia Heights Metro Station thru December 2017. Graphic design by Machee Creates.

More about the winning photo from the photographer herself:

I am native from Monterrey, Mexico, but raised in Southwest Detroit since the age of 5, being blessed to be part of two different cultures and sharing it with those I come in contact with. After the persevering obstacles as an immigrant, I graduated in May of 2015 from the College for Creative Studies, majoring in Photography. Even though my college career has ended, my passion in photography has continued to grow more than ever.

Photography is my preferred medium in storytelling, whether it is through created scenery or documenting the livelihood of the people I meet. This photography submission tells the story, as well as paying homage, to the Adelitas, the Mexican women that were involved in the Mexican Revolution from 1910 to 1920. Not only did they aided the soldiers with food, shelter, and treating their wounds, but also fought along them with strapped on bandoliers and wielded rifles. These women were wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters of peasants and farmers that fought along generals Emilio Zapata, Pancho Villa, and Venustiano Carranza against the dictatorship of then Mexican President Porfirio Diaz. Photography serves as my visual interpretation of celebrating the Adelitas, where they were also fighting for their own rights, breaking norm of what the Mexican society bestowed upon woman as reproducers, homemakers, and docile individuals. My goal is to have the Adelitas photography series to be ongoing, where the images will continue to celebrate their valiancy as well as their beauty.

To contact Anahli, please email anijazphoto@gmail.com.

To see more of her work, please visit behance.net/aniJazphoto.