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Heal Your Whole Self with Chelsey Cooper

This is a workshop to begin to build healthier relationships with our emotions.

This workshop is welcome to all and for anyone who may feel they are overwhelmed by emotions, react too quickly when faced with triggers, or feels controlled by their feelings.

We will put a new perspective on how we are with our emotions- how we communicate them to ourselves and others and how we can use mindfulness to allow them to be released, set us free, and compassionately let them guide us to grow and learn.

The workshop will include: A talk on emotions and mindfulness. Some ideas and strategies that can be used as guidelines in your own life. A ritual around emotions which includes making a package honoring an emotion dear to you, and some writing to go along with it. this will carry us into a ceremony. As a community we will place our offerings on a communal alter, then transition into a meditation.

What to Bring: A yoga mat to sit on and anything else to add comfort, an item that represents an emotion you would like to focus on and anything else you may want to add to the alter (crystals, pictures ect)