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Finding Bliss Cacao Ceremony with Jennifer Marie Young

  • Femme Fatale DC 3224 11th Street Northwest Washington United States (map)

Do you love dark chocolate for all its uplifting and tasty qualities? Then ceremonial cacao will take you to a whole new level.

Traditionally processed ceremonial cacao preserves the pharmacological constituents that bring calm upliftment. One of these constituents, Anandamide, gets its name from the Sanskrit word for ‘bliss.’ Anandamide creates the “runner’s high.” Traditional processing also keeps the rich, creamy cacao butter and nourishing minerals intact. There is no need to add any sugar or dairy to enjoy the depth of flavors of this superfood medicine.

Experiencing cacao in a group ceremony deepens and widens the blissful qualities of the cacao. Because cacao increases blood flow and strengthens the heart’s electromagnetic field, feelings of connection and Love flow among the group.

During the Finding Bliss Cacao Ceremony, you will:

  • enjoy a rich cup of cacao spiced to increase the benefits of cacao

  • move your body to facilitate the effects of the cacao

  • receive healing vibrations of the medicine drum and the Anandamayai mantra

  • practice a meditation to discover how to bring more bliss into your life

Jennifer Marie Young guides healing ceremonies, women’s circle and sound healing. She has taught yoga and meditation in Washington, DC since 2012. Jen has trained with the Sage Priestess Training and Womb Matrix Healing to lead ceremonies and guide women on their spiritual and healing paths. As a perpetual student of the Temple Arts, Jen currently studies with the School of Evolutionary Herbalism in vitalist herbalism, medical astrology and alchemy.